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In the complex business world of service, organizations need to lower costs and find efficient business delivery models. This means they often outsource parts of the service delivery business. For example, they may preserve customer relations personnel and the customer relationship, but outsource the actual work. New information needs to be communicated from one organization to another. In the "old" world this would involve point-to-point integration between various systems, which would be extremely painful. It would involve a lock-in to one workforce-delivering company and would preclude, for example, bidding out the work, working with multiple providers of workforce services, and, obviously, the notion of workforce marketplaces. Since these concepts are the crux of B2B interactions and the true enablers of business efficiencies, they are of fundamental interest to... (more)

Web Services and Wireless Messaging

Field workforce management is an application segment responsible for scheduling resources working in the field, assigning work orders, dispatching work, and letting workers report from a mobile terminal. Among those using such systems are utilities, construction crews, maintenance organizations, telecommunication operators, and equipment manufacturers responding to trouble reports. The new generation of field workforce management is based on an application server architecture and allows the field workforce to work in a disconnected mode, which is mandated by lack of full wireless... (more)

Welcome to Web Services

Welcome to the newest addition to WebSphere Developer's Journal. This column is devoted to the subject of Web services within the WebSphere family of products. You must have heard about Web services, and maybe even written a few; well, it's time to address this important topic in the context of WebSphere development. In this monthly column I'll cover the entire software life cycle, including using WebSphere Studio tools to develop Web services, testing and packaging of Web services, deployment on the WebSphere application server, and publishing Web services on registries. I'll al... (more)

Developing Web Services with WebSphere Studio

So you've heard all about how great Web services are and how they are revolutionizing the way distributed systems are being developed. You've read all about how this new set of standards is changing the Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) space and how it's finally making interoperability possible. You've even heard that it's possible to make calls on code written in C# and deployed using ASP.NET and have read an article or two about SOAP, WSDL, and UDDI. It's time to take the next step. This month I thought it fitting to cater to those of you ready to take the plunge and t... (more)

Developing Web Services with WebSphere Studio

In my last article (WSDJ, Vol. 1, issue 4) I showed you how to use WebSphere Studio Application Developer (WSAD) to develop and publish a Web service. You saw how to use the Web services wizard to wrap an existing Java method as a Web service and expose the metadata required for invoking the service. You also saw how the UDDI Explorer is used to publish your service on a public registry so others can find and use it. This month's focus is on discovering the service and building a client that invokes the Web service. You'll learn more about how WSAD hides the complexity and mechan... (more)